Tricks for Choosing Colors and Motives for Wallpapers According to Room Area

Wallpaper is one part of the decoration to beautify your room. To bring different nuances to a room, the wallpaper can be chosen with respect to the motif and color. But do not let the wrong choice because the motif and color of the wallpaper should also pay attention to the area of ​​the room that will be fitted with the wallpaper. Mistakes in choosing wallpaper wall design can give a narrow or even uncomfortable impression.

wallpaper wall design

Maybe so far many people think when choosing a wallpaper just adjusted to the wishes and concept of the room. Even though paying attention to the area of ​​the room is actually very influential on the success of the wallpaper installation. The following will explain the tricks for choosing the color and motif of wallpaper in accordance with the area of ​​your room.

1. Lengthening Room

For those who have an elongated room, you can choose wallpapers with bright colors on the right and left walls. For the center, you can use a dark wallpaper.

2. Wide Room

For a wide room, you should use a wallpaper that is dark in color for the right and left side. You can apply the center of the light color so that it will show the impression that the distance between the right and left walls is getting closer. But for the middle wall, it seems more distant.

3. Spacious room

A spacious room can use dark wallpaper such as brown or dark blue. That way the room will feel more warm and comfortable.

4. Narrow room

For narrow spaces, you should select bright colored wallpapers so that you can give a broader impression and relief.

5. High-ceiling narrow space

You can choose a wallpaper with horizontal motifs and bright colors. As for the ceiling, you can choose dark-colored wallpapers. In this way, the room will appear more spacious.

6. Low Ceiling Room

Choose a vertical motif wallpaper to give the impression of getting higher on the ceiling. Also, apply the same ceiling color to further support the wallpaper concept.

That was the explanation of the trick to choosing the wallpaper motif and color of the wall according to the area of ​​the room. Through the explanation above, it is now easier for you to choose wallpaper wall designs to fit the room more easily so that it will present a comfortable and more attractive room.

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