The Best PC Game Download Site You Can Try

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With the rapid development of the times, more and more download sites are offering their games either exclusively or not. They present a web site download and buy a game legally that does not violate the law. Among the many download web sites, sometimes they offer free games that are quite popular. Here are the 10 best download game Android sites:

1. Steam
Who does not know this one game portal. Of course, as a pioneer in selling and buying games digitally, Steam is the best choice. In addition to the game being quite complete and coupled with some of Steam’s own free games, this web site is the main choice. In addition, the number of servers on each continent, from Continents A to Z, makes this area a favorite of many people.

2. Origin
This is a special portal for games from EA and several games from other publishers. Starting from the game every year FIFA, UFC and others, to games like The Sims and many other triple A games. although not as many games on Steam come from various publishers, Origin has servers anywhere like Steam. So when you download games from Origin, you won’t be anymore.

3. Blizzard
There isn’t much difference from Origin Blizzard, counting only their games available. Nevertheless Blizzard’s servers are truly vast. For those of you who are happy games from blizzard like WOW to Overwatch, of course you have to visit this web site. Because only through Blizzard you can play the game. But remember there aren’t many games that can be offered by Blizzard.

4. Ubisoft / Uplay
We certainly know games like Ghost Recoon, Assassin Creed, and others, games produced by Ubisoft. Ubisoft has its own game portal, so for some of the games owned by Ubisoft you have to log in via the Ubisoft Uplay game portal. However, you can also download games from Steam. Ubisoft is a fairly flexible portal.