Is Sinus Infection Need To Be Operated?

Sinusitis or sinus infection is one of the diseases that attack the nasal cavity, the sinus part. Maybe some people think that this sinus infection is not so dangerous. But even if left unchecked can trigger the emergence of various types of problems in other organs. This sinus infection can be experienced by adults and children. Sinus infections caused by viruses can also be contagious. This certainly can answer whether Is a sinus infection contagious?

To overcome a sinus infection can actually be done by simple methods at home. But if the sinus infection is getting worse, is it necessary to have an operation on the sinus infection? You need to know that it turns out surgery in sinus infections is not the only way to save people with sinus infections and not all sinus abnormalities must be performed surgically. Symptoms of sinus infection will improve after receiving therapy for some time. If inflammation is still in the mild category, sinus infection problems are more easily cured. For this reason, before you decide to do sinusitis surgery, then do a series of treatments as recommended.

If your sinusitis does not go away in three months of continuous treatment, you need to do a further examination. It is better to do surgery immediately so that sinusitis does not get worse. The action of sinusitis surgery is usually done to make sinus drainage better. That way the mucus from the sinus can easily pass into the nasal cavity. Of course, the patient can feel the air entering the sinus cavity more smoothly.

After following sinusitis surgery, something that is not less important is to ensure that the sinusitis does not return to a problem. Sinusitis sufferers who have taken surgery will also be given a nasal spray. By providing care and medication after surgery it can help prevent the reappearance of abnormalities in the sinus wall. That way the patient does not need to do sinusitis surgery for the second time.

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