Benefits of eggs for cats

The benefits of eggs are because eggs contain iron, protein and most of the vitamins. We know eggs are very good for humans. But can cats eat eggs? Are eggs also goaod as cat food?

can cats eat eggs

In treating cats we must know what is good and bad for cats. Well then that we will discuss thoroughly the eggs for cats. From the benefits of eggs or the harm they cause?

An egg has about 11.5% fat, 13 percent protein, 160 kilocalories in every 100g. From the composition, it can be concluded that eggs are foods with good balance.

All the benefits of the egg, there is one thing that can harm our cat, which is egg white. Egg whites contain avidin compounds that can reduce biotin B vitamins. Though these vitamins are very important for the process in the body of a cat. So that the benefits of this egg are maximal. Just give no more than a raw egg a week. In some articles tips on caring for cats that I read. The avidin compound can be reduced by cooking it. But unfortunately a thousand dear, it can also reduce other food substances. In other words, the benefits of eggs are also reduced.

This all applies to any type of cat, whether it is a Persian cat, Angora cat or Maine Coon cat.

Then what if we only give the egg yolks?

It could be, but it gives a consequence of obesity because the fat content in the eggs of cats is high (up to 31 percent). So if you want egg yolks, just give two or three grains per week.

If you can’t, your cat will be like the picture of a big cat in the past!

Like a knife that has sharp and short edges. The benefits of eggs are also sure to be bad. It depends on how we treat the cat so that only the good we get

Hopefully, this article provides an alternative to cat food.

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