Alert! People with Diabetes Mellitus Risk of Esophageal Heart

Heart disease is inherited or acquired disorder that causes damage to the heart. Abnormalities occur in the lining of the heart (pericardium), the heart muscle (myocardium), heart valves, and cardiac rhythm. The most coronary heart disease or diseases caused by blockage of blood flow that provides food to the heart.

Risk Factors for Diabetes

One of the reasons a person can suffer for heart disease is a disease of diabetes mellitus (abbreviated Diabetes). To learn more about how the relationship between heart disease and diabetes, Dr. Yudhisthira Editor Flag Santosa SpPD-KKV., Kes., FAPSIC., FICA., FINASIM, a heart specialist from the Tangerang Awal Bros Hospital said that “Diabetes can make abnormalities in various organs and systems of the body. One of the systems of the body are often affected with fatal results are cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels).”

The disorder is caused due to oxidative stress of circumstances sugars increase and cause irritation of the endothelium (the lining inside) the blood vessels and lead to the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaque or blockage in the blood vessels.

Affected blood vessel can occur in all organs of the body such as blood vessels in the brain, eyes, kidneys, feet and fatal may occur in the blood vessels of the heart. Blockage happens if more and more, it will cause symptoms and signs on the human body. Signs and symptoms occur, such as chest pain with activity, shortness of breath, fatigue and waking at night due to tightness or cough.

Damage can also occur in the nerves that regulate heart rhythm, so that the irregular heart rhythms can occur even stopping short of the heart rhythm. Moreover, it can lead to a mismatch rhythm. The response of this rhythm discrepancy could lead to people pounding, lost sight of sudden, fainting or seizures.

For that there must take precautions that can lead to diabetes, so you have to know in advance the risk factors for diabetes so that you can watch and take it to prevent the diabetes disease for yourself.

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