Model: Hudson M3A1 GBB Sound Suppressor type Grease Gun
Build Material:ABS/Zinc alloy etc
Internal Build Material: ABS/Metal
Weight:2.75 Kilograms
Length:74 - 91 cm
Magazine Capacity: 55 bb's
Magazine Build: Metal/Rubber
Mag Type: Gas in the mag spring feed
Gas System: Gas in the mag blow back system
Shooting Modes: full auto only
Hop-up: adjustable system
Power Source: gas in the mag
Factory-equipped accessories/upgrades: N/A
Replacement part numbers:
Compatible aftermarket real-steel/AEG parts:

1st impression: external metal parts includes the trigger, trigger guard, adjustable stock, the suppressor and the release mechanism of the magazine. The magazine holds around 55bb's and weight a hefty 1 kilogram. The plastic body is the same as the Jac Battle master, actually Jac uses the Hudson M3A1 body for its Battle Master and just put Jac sticker on the Hudson markings.