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Thread: JAC M3 A1 Grease Gun Disassembly

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    I recently purchased a JAC grease gun and while it seems to be in great shape, there is a slight issue. Apparently during shipping the internals shifted rearward. This does not allow the magazines to be inserted and engage the bb feed nozzle.

    How do I go about disassembling the beast so I can get the guts into the correct position? A exploded parts diagram would be great if at all possible.

    Here is a picture of the problem:

    While I did not disassemble the M3, I did find that the set screws on the left side of the receiver hold the internals in place. It would seem that to disassemble the M3 the gun would need to be split down the mold seam.

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    whats the main matierial used to build it?

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    I've found this is a common occurance. It's actually simple, and although it sounds meatfisted, it works.

    Take a slot head screwdriver or something similar and wedge it between the feed port and the mag well. Make sure you get it up all the way so you can get the most surface area of the tool against the port. Simply leverage it back little by little. The whole inside of the gun is one unit, the shell is just that, a shell. Keep a mag nearby and test fit it until it can seat properly without forcing it.

    The body is cheap ABS plastic, it's from an old Hudson PFC gun and is pretty brittle, so be careful and work slowly. As you said, the internals shifted, so it's just a question of shifting them back. And actually the set screws don't keep them in place, since it shifted while they were in didn't they.

    Disassamebly of the gun is nearly impossibly in my experience, since it's glued shut. Remember that it is one of the first guns they made after the Battlemaster, and was still considered more a toy than a serviceable skirmish gun.

    I have three, this happened on all of them. Good luck. Once you get it going it's a sombitch of a CQB gun, don't let the shitty body fool you, inside it's the most proven BV system of JAC. How many mags have you been able to source? The M3A1 is one of the rarest of the JACs, and the mags are up there with Thompsons and BARs in rarity.

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    Actually, the set screws do hold the internals in place. A number of them where not tightened down. It was simply a matter of backing the one or two that were tightened down, shifting the internals, and tightening the screws.

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    I last did this some time ago, so many screws and guns, it's easy to get them confused. I hope it worked out for you.

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