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Thread: PSG-1 Part Out

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    Default PSG-1 Part Out

    Upper- 350$ Shipped
    Magnesium Metal Body
    PDI Chamber block inside
    Stipple Foregrip
    Custom made Multiple point blued steel bi-pod adapter (35$ extra)
    Solid Aluminium (No need for barrel spacers) Fluted Tapered Barrel

    PSG-1 Butt Stock with steel pins - 150$ Shipped

    TM PSG-1 Grip - 40$ shipped

    PSG-1 Lower with G3-SG1 selector for V.2 gearbox use. - 40$ shipped
    Stock TM V.2 gearbox included. Internals all good, outer shell has the V.2 crack.

    PSG-1 Magazine 20$ Shipped

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    let me get this right its a metal body for a PSG-1 ? Who is the maker? Thanks

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    G&G makes it.

    Quick google type answered that.

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    Price drop for the first 4 things.

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